Long-Term Care

Above and Beyond, Every Day

Long-term residents participate in a game together.

Steadfast Care Each Day Ahead

Our long-term care encompasses the latest innovative healthcare practices in an environment designed to promote healing and create a true sense of community for our residents.

Therapeutic Screening

We help get to the root cause of illness or injury with therapeutic screening that assists in diagnosis and treatment. Therapeutic screenings allow our caregivers to monitor residents’ health and recovery through specific forms of treatment to ensure the best methods are applied for faster, more effective healing.


We meet the various needs of dialysis residents, whether they are facing temporary or permanent loss of kidney function or chronic kidney disease. Through individual treatment plans, we help determine a convenient and stress-free dialysis schedule to maintain their independence and active lifestyle.

Diabetic Care

We teach those with diabetes the best ways to manage the disease, such as learning how to monitor their blood-glucose level and improved methods for caring for their feet, gums, and eyes. Residents are also given specific diet plans that won’t aggravate their diabetes.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is a collaborative process between the care team and patients that begins on admission. We assist patients and their families with acquiring the resources needed to return home safely such as medical care, equipment, and supplies.

Pain & Wound Management

We are proud to have been one of only eight skilled nursing companies selected to participate in the National Pain Collaborative, which emphasizes creative pain management approaches such as exercise, physical therapy, music and aroma therapy, hydrotherapy, and massage. Additionally, our comprehensive wound care program uses the latest in wound management techniques to help residents heal faster.

Stroke Care

Stroke patients may have trouble walking, communicating, and performing daily activities. We help patients address these effects with the goal of regaining independence. Stroke patients may also be prescribed physical, occupational, and speech therapy regimens to help them regain function and physical coordination.

Restorative Care

A restorative care plan is developed to maintain optimal functioning. Our nurses work with residents to identify activities that negatively affect their ability to engage in self-care. We also work with an interdisciplinary team to enhance residents’ psychological adaptation to a decrease in function, increase levels of performance in daily living activities, and prevent complications associated with inactivity.

Psychosocial Support

Healing requires more than physical treatment. It requires an ongoing effort to meet the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of each resident. Our staff is trained to approach every resident from a place of empathy and understanding to create an environment for enhanced psychosocial health.

Socialization & Activities

Each of our care centers works hard to ensure our patients and long-term residents feel as comfortable as possible during their stay in our care. We offer continuous programming of social events and activities to keep residents content and engaged as they heal and age.

Photo of the entrance to Brickyard Healthcare's Fountainview Care Center.

Where Our Care Comes to Life

Our care centers are where our innovative treatments, heartfelt relationships, and comforting amenities come together in a welcoming, healing environment. With locations throughout the state of Indiana, we’re confident we have a community suited to your needs.

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