At Brickyard Healthcare, we deeply understand the value of a healthy workforce. As we observe National Employee Health and Fitness Month this May, our commitment to fostering a culture of wellness resonates more than ever. This month is not just about promoting physical health; it’s about reinforcing our belief in holistic employee well-being—ensuring that our team is healthy, motivated, and supported in every aspect of their lives.

Brickyard’s Holistic Approach to Employee Wellness

Our dedication to employee health is integral to our mission. By nurturing the well-being of our team, we enhance their ability to provide compassionate and effective care. Our comprehensive wellness initiatives are designed to support not only the physical health of our employees but also their mental and emotional resilience.

The Active&Fit Direct™ Program: A Cornerstone of Our Wellness Strategy

At Brickyard Healthcare, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to personal wellness. That’s why we are proud to offer flexible fitness options through the Active&Fit Direct™ program, allowing our employees to find a fitness lifestyle that truly works for them.

Customizable Gym Access: Your Choice, Your Wellness

Choose a Favorite Gym: With the Active&Fit Direct™ program, our employees have access to a nationwide network of over 12,500 standard fitness centers for just $28/month. This extensive selection ensures they can always find a gym that suits their workout style and preferences. Additionally, if employees are interested in a more specialized workout environment, we also offer access to over 8,500 premium exercise studios. Discounts of 20–70% are available for most memberships at these studios, allowing employees to explore everything from yoga and Pilates to high-intensity interval training and more.

Flexibility and Convenience: Understanding that flexibility is key to maintaining a long-term fitness routine, there are no long-term contracts. This means employees can switch fitness centers, try new studios, or cancel their membership as their needs and circumstances change. The initial payment includes a low enrollment fee plus the first two months’ membership, making it easy and affordable to start.

Enhancing Wellness with Additional Member Benefits

Our commitment to employee health extends beyond just providing access to fitness centers. The Active&Fit Direct™ program also includes several additional benefits to enhance employees’ overall well-being.

Spouse Benefits: Employees can extend the same great benefits of the Active&Fit Direct™ program to their spouses by purchasing an additional membership. This allows employees and their loved ones to save while working on their fitness goals together.

Lifestyle Coaching: Personalized, one-on-one coaching is available in areas crucial for overall health, including fitness, nutrition, stress management, and sleep. Our lifestyle coaches are dedicated to helping clients achieve their specific wellness goals.

Stay Connected: With the Active&Fit Connected!™ feature, users can sync their favorite wearable fitness tracker or mobile app. This integration allows seamless monitoring of progress and the ability to stay motivated by keeping all of one’s fitness data in one accessible place.

Resources at Your Fingertips: The Active&Fit Direct™ program houses a rich library of articles and videos designed to support participants in building healthy, habit-focused routines. Whether an employee is looking to refine their workout plan or find new strategies for stress relief, our resources are tailored to help them succeed.

Wellness Beyond the Physical

At Brickyard Healthcare, we believe in the power of a supportive workplace to enhance overall employee health. Our wellness programs extend beyond physical fitness to include mental health initiatives, stress management resources, and activities that foster a positive work environment.

This holistic approach is evident in our support for events like the Alzheimer’s walk, where our team comes together not just for physical activity but for a cause that touches many lives. These events reinforce our commitment to community involvement and collective well-being.

We invite all our employees to engage actively in this month’s activities, which are designed to enrich their health and enhance their workplace experience. From participating in fitness challenges to attending wellness workshops, each activity is an opportunity to thrive.

Prospective employees and current staff can learn more about our wellness philosophy and explore career opportunities that emphasize a balanced, healthy lifestyle on our careers page.

A Commitment to Comprehensive Care

At Brickyard Healthcare, celebrating National Employee Health and Fitness Month is just one part of our ongoing commitment to ensure that our team members are equipped to deliver exceptional care and thrive in every aspect of their personal and professional lives. We understand that by supporting our employees’ health and well-being, we are enhancing the quality of care provided to our patients—fulfilling our mission to care for our community from the inside out.

Join us in making wellness a priority—not just this May, but year-round. Together, we can foster a healthier, happier, and more productive community at Brickyard Healthcare.

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